DenimX – a circular process

Upgrading once-wasteful textiles into functional products is a process we call upcycling. The DenimX process is as simple as it is ingenious. From our carefully created recipe of textile fibers and bio-based plastics, sheets are pressed that can be shaped into three-dimensional products on a large production scale.

DenimX’ versatility makes it possible to meet the aesthetic and technical requirements from clients within almost any kind of market. The composition of the fiber reinforced material DenimX can be optimized to be as stiff, strong, light, thick or thin as required by the application. Decorative prints, embossed logos, various backings and honeycomb cores can be incorporated just as reflective foils and woven structures. These provide special functionalities i.e. light reflection and strength/stiffness in combination with light weight, etc.

The DenimX production process can also be used to create compositions, based on other types of base (staple) fibers such as polyester, polyester-cotton mix, PE, PP, hemp, bamboo, flax or wool. The binder that holds the textile fibers together may vary from bio-based PLA to PP, PE, PES and other transparent plastics. Each composition has its own specific look and feel, functional characteristics and can be composed, based on the clients/product requirements.

Processing methods

DenimX’ library of materials allows for a number of different (post-)processing methods that can be used to manufacture a wide variety of products using our materials. These processes include: 

• Sheet lamination (various finishes)
• Thermoforming

 Injection moulding

• Weaving
• Printing

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