Environmental impact

DenimX recycled composites contribute to a more sustainable world by saving energy and water and reducing CO2 emissions, compared with the use of virgin cotton and oil-based plastics. Moreover, DenimX creates circular products whereas the base components of used DenimX products can be separated and re-entered in the same production process.

Every kg of cotton that is not incinerated leads to an environmental saving of 3,1 kg CO² emission, 45MJ and nearly 7000 liters of water

(source: report Textiel Recycling by Alcon Advies)

Based on the type of product, the used recipe, production volume, duration and way of use, logistics and recycling process, a life cycle analysis can be made that quantifies the real contribution to a circular world.

Great explanation of the term Circular Economy by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The next movie of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation offers a great insight in the transition that has to be made from a Linear into a Circular Economy. 

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