Nike – From overstock apparel to acoustic panels

Just like any other apparel manufacturer, Nike’s vast logistic operations results in a certain volume of unsold items that are no longer suitable for sales. This may be due to damage during handling, unwanted sizes or colours, misfits in volume or application and more. In close collaboration with Nike’s Sustainability Dpt. DenimX created a new circular application for this discarded apparel. 

After extensive research and testing, DenimX was able to define a recipe and produce a design of an acoustic panel that meets all functional, commercial and aesthetic requirements of Nike’s Workplace Design, thus creating new value for Nike, based on its own waste streams. 

In this project, DenimX did not only take care of the design, engineering, production and installation of the panels but also made sure that the panels were tested and certified by a notified body in order to meet acoustic and fire safety regulations. Moreover, DenimX succeeded in reaching the maximum amount of acoustic absorption within the speech spectrum. 

The co-creation between Nike and DenimX led to a new sustainable innovation where (former) waste streams are translated into functional acoustic panels that offer Nike’s Work Places a better working environment and are able to tell Nike’s sustainable story.

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