DenimX helps companies to become more sustainable.

Realising circular processes in which materials are used time and time again and can be reused in the same or equivalent value level, requires new insights, materials, techniques, processes, supply chain and logistics. But its all starts with the question: ‘What is our sustainable strategy?’

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of sustainability and circularity, DenimX offers various services to help companies become more sustainable, varying from fast support with your ongoing business up to long term customised partnerships.

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DenimX' circular services

We at DenimX want to help companies to become more aware of their waste streams and make sustainable choices in what to do with them. In order to achieve this we created 3 developments plans, based on the time that’s is needed to achieve results. 

Make your running business more sustainable

Want to start small? By purchasing DenimX products you are making sustainable choices, as our products are made almost 100% from recycled (waste) materials. Perfect for business gifts and company branding.

Wide variety of interior and lifestyle products
Business exclusive customisation options
Perfect as business and seasonal gifts 


Analysis and advice regarding your sustainability strategy and development

For getting insight in your actual level of sustainability, DenimX can do an in-depth analysis of your current business practises, and offer tailored advice for making sustainable changes to your business.

Creating a sustainability strategy for your business
Making sustainable choices in waste management
Promoting circular use of materials and resources

Creating new value from your discarded waste streams

A long-term collaboration that focusses on manu- facturing new products from your own waste streams. DenimX will support your business from concept to production. Taking steps towards a circular business.

Cooperation between many parties in the supply / production chain (network involvement)
Collaboration from concept stage to final product

Exclusive for companies:
Tailor-made, customised DenimX products

Logo/graphic on the product

Products with this option available:

Coasters (on the top layer, special request only)
Placemats (on the top layer)
Shopperbag (on the front label of the bag)
Laptopbag (on the front label of the bag)

For many of our products, we offer companies the exclusive option to customize our products to their needs. Whether you are looking for a new line of business gifts, or you want to surprise your employees/colleagues with a personalised gift, at DenimX we will help you get the most sustainable and personal gifts you’ll ever give. Through different printing methods, we are able to both customise the print on our packaging, as well as print directly onto some of our products. This way we are able to add your company’s logo and a personal message to most of our products. 

If you have any requests that are not offered by us already, feel free to contact us.

Customisable products
Customisations available

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Logo/graphic on the packaging

Products with this option available:

Coasters (paper wrapper)
iPad cover (paper wrapper)
Shoelaces (paper box)

DenimX Product Brochure

If you are interested in taking a peek at our current assortment of products, either digitally or in physical form, we have released our latest DenimX brochure which is exclusively available to you. If you wish to receive our physical brochure, you will not just get a paper booklet. We designed our brochure carefully to make sure it carries the DenimX story, while clearly presenting every product we (soon) have for sale. Each physical brochure comes with a hard cover made from none other than our own pressed sheet material. We want our brochure to amaze you, before you even open it!

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