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Step into the wonderful world of innovation, circularity and sustainability. ​Together we will explore: what exactly is circularity? And how do circularity and we, as users of the city, contribute to a sustainable society in which we live, work and have fun together?
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EU funded research project

DenimX is one of the partners in the EU funded research program PRESERVE that wants to stimulate the circular use of bio-based packaging.

DenimX supported the following companies by supplying them our circular products, services and/or materials:

Help us to save our planet...

For every recycled jeans that we keep from being incinerated or sent to landfill, DenimX saves up to 7.000 liters of fresh water and reduces CO2 emissions by 3.1 kg. Also DenimX produces in a responsible manner by cooperating with social workplaces. And we take care that our products can be recycled again after their second life.   

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